Easy Pineapple Slicer

Love fresh pineapples but hate the hassle?

Pizzazz Pizza Oven

Just a cool-looking countertop pizza oven!

Bacon Themed Board Game

Love your bacon? Now there's a board game!

Star Wars LEGO: R2D2

Fans of Star Wars will be delighted with this big LEGO model of R2D2 robot!

Giant Gummy Bear - 5 Pounds

Looking for a gag gift? This edible 5-pound gummy bear is just the thing!

AeroGarden Classic 7-Pod with Herb Kit

Dirt-free, indoor garden. An easy, foolproof way to grow herbs in the house.

Cute Furby Pet

Furby has been a successful toy for decades, and the 2012 reboot made it even better!

Ripstik Caster Board

Skating on Ripstik caster board is pure fun!

Avocado Saver

This useful little gadget will keep a cut avocado fresh!

Giant Birthday Card

What can I say? Sometimes bigger is better!

Bobblehead Doll That Looks Like You

Yes! Now you can have a mini-me bobblehead doll of your own self!

Chrome Nail Polish - Bohemian Collection

Nail polish set in lovely metallic chrome colors.

House Cleaning Robot

Meet iRobot 560 Roomba, a smart robotic vaccum cleaner!

I Could Pee on This - Poems by Cats

This book of poems by cats is funny and delightful, will surely be appreciated by the cats lover in your life!

Portal 2 Bookends

2 bookends make a portal. Great addition to the shelf of any sci-fi lover.

Quirky Octopus iPhone 5 Case

Edgy Octopus illustration for your iPhone 5.

Darth Vader Lamp

Star Wars fans will surely appreciate this unique gift!

Amazing Octopus Lamp

From the depths of the ocean, comes an octopus... and it will light up your desk!

Crime Scene Scarf

Show your love of crime TV with this police tape yellow scarf!

Horse Head Mask

Wear it to Halloween party or just to the office!

Color Changing Egg Timer

Cook perfect hard boiled eggs every single time!

Go Girl Female Urination Device

Now YOU can pee standing up, just like a guy!

Pac Man Cookie Cutters

What can be tastier than some awesome pac man cookies?

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

This snotty shower gel dispenser is so silly!

iPhone App Fridge Magnets

Pack of 18 fridge magnets that look like your iPhone's icons!

Medieval Weapon Push Pin Set

Set of 10 cute push pins with weapon handles!

Face / Butt Towel

Never again be confused about which side of the towel is used for what!

The Scour Skull Toilet Brush

Celebrate Halloween in your bathroom all year long!

The Ex Kitchen Knife Set

Fully functional knife set with a twist!

8 Bit Pixelated Purple Sunglasses

Love your old video games with their 8-bit graphics?

Ninja Coat Hooks

Add a bit of action to your home with these awesome ninja coat hooks!

Octopus in Your Coffee Mug

Plain looking white mug holds a shocking surprise!

Grey Kitten Earphone Jack Plug

Add this cute little buddy to your iPhone or tablet for the aww factor!

World's Largest Gummy Worm

World's Largest Gummy Worm

What's so special about a gummy worm? Well, this one is big. REALLY BIG.

Quirky Leg Bookmarks

This delightful witch legs bookmark is sold at MyBookmark shop on Etsy.

Mini Shopping Cart for Desk

Exact replica of a supermarket shopping cart - but tiny!

Squirrel Candy Pooper

Cute squirrel shaped candy dispenser will amuse you to no end!